Freakin Cute Friday!!

Yes, I know…’s Friday already!!!!!  So many of Stella’s photos could be tagged as “Freakin Cute”, but this is one of the recent ones taken.  Have I told ya how much Stella loves her Papa?  She loves him more than she loves chewies and treat filled kongs…and he’s about equal with her love for “Frosty Crack”….that’s alot in Stella’s world.

Stella is super affectionate….she loves to give kisses and more than kisses she loves to give “hugs and kisses”…it’s hard to get a photo of because she’s a whirling dervish with a non-stop wagging tail and a tongue that’s faster than the speed of light.  Last week when Papa came in from mowing the lawn..I managed to catch this moment of cuteness….

Papa looks like he's grossed out, but he does love it when she does this.

She jumps up on her hind legs and wraps her little paws around your neck and kisses a few layers of skin off of your face.   We laugh, her tail wags, and she kisses you some more.

She really is one freakin cute Schnoodle!


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