Let the Countdown Begin……

Who's a Pretty Schnoodle?

Actually there are two countdowns going on for the Schnoodle…..the first one is….in about 15 hours her Southern Grandparents will be here for a visit!  Stella is beside herself!

The second countdown….is TWO WEEKS AND ONE DAY from today….is a certain little someone’s birthday!  She’ll be two!!!   Hopefully she is over the drama of feeling like last year’s birthday wasn’t a big enough celebration….


You’ll just have to wait and see what happens this year Stella!!!

"I can't wait! Will we have a big party? With a clown, bouncy house, pony rides, petting zoo, karaoke, cake and presents?? Will we Mama?"



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4 responses to “Let the Countdown Begin……

  1. Pip

    I love birthdays! If there is cake, I will be there!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I know how hard it is waitin’ fo’ a su’prise!
    Y’all come by now…

  3. sagechronicles

    A party!! That’s way too exciting. I LOVE parties.

  4. I hope your birthday and your visit with your grandparents are both spectacular! Have lots of fun, Stella!


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