Oh, The Schnoodle……

One of my favoritest Christmas movies….is “A Christmas Story”.   And yesterday I couldn’t help but to think of this clip…

The Schnoodle has had a very busy week….her Southern Grandparents have been here spoiling her, and yesterday her Northern Grandparents were here as well.  It was almost more spoiling than Stella could take in a few hours.  So many faces to lick…so many tummy and ear rubs to get.  She survived it…and no one had to wash their faces/ears/eyelids that night.

Grammy Jo brought a little goodie bag for Stella.  In it…was a nice little rawhide chewy bone AND a Pre-Halloween Costume!!!!  Yes, last year, Grammy Jo gave her a Ladybug costume….

So cutteeeeeee...

And yesterday she brought…..

Oink! Oink!!! A little Piggy Costume!!!!

Although it really only covered her back, head and ears....she acted like she was in a straight jacket.

"I am telling Papa."

She could barely look at me....

Although she did GLARE at me.

So cute!!!!

"I've said it before...I'll say it again...Sleep with one eye open Mama."

More on the Grandparental spoiling of the Schnoodle later……if I am still alive.



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4 responses to “Oh, The Schnoodle……

  1. Pip

    You make a most adorable pig!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Oh Stella! The clip you should have put on is the one where Ralphie has to wear the pink bunny suit! I am very much sorry! I’d say a present of poo in someone’s shoe is called for…


  3. Stella! Ha!!! Ha!!! Make you’re Human Mom wear that on Halloween!!! See how she likes it!!! (My Human Mom said she remembers wearing a Halloween costume like that when she was a little kid. Poo, I was hoping your Mom would be the FIRST! and you’d take pictures of her and publish them!!) VBG
    Gotta go!
    Hawk aka Brown Dog

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