Halloween is Coming!!!!!!

What is the Schnoodle going to be for Halloween???

Papa would say, "How about just let her be a Schnoodle?" Silly Papa.

As you know from a past post….the Halloween Portrait started with our Sadie…..


Stella’s done a pretty good job for a little pup at sitting patiently for Mama.  Now to decide what costume……

I think she'd be cute in this...

Or this.....

She IS a little Stinker!

This one would be easy enough to make...

This one always makes me smile....she would never sit still for it though.

Buddy-wearing the winning costume at the Halloween party put on by Planet Dog last year.

Our girl in her non-prize winning costume...Mama didn't see the "HOMEMADE" clause in the rules. The super nice people at Planet Dog let her be in the parade anyway...not Stella's fault her Mama can't read.

We don’t have much time Stella……..Halloween is almost here!!!



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9 responses to “Halloween is Coming!!!!!!

  1. Pip

    Very tough choice! But I think I like the second flower best!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: You would look pretty in all of them!

  2. Ed

    Ha! All simply amazing, but the pink wig does it for me!

  3. Ed

    p.s. And the pug is a box is very Dioresque!

  4. That squirrel one is priceless… Great photo! For this year I vote for kong! Make a homemade costume of a kong! Or a flamingo!

  5. We’ve had some pretty great costumes over the years. This year, I thought about being the Juicy Couture dog. Not sure if I will, though. I’ve been a ghost and a dragon so far. I think you’ll be cute no matter what you pick!


  6. sagechronicles

    Oh, that pink hair would fit right in in Portland! That’s the one, I know!!

  7. So many choices….soooo little time. I think she would look adorable in the 2nd flower costume….Mama’s got some thinking to do!!!!

  8. littlemissjackie

    Hi Stella, I found you on the blog hop – I really like the pink hair too! The flower costumes are fun, and I love your squirrel costume! It looks just like the squirrels here, they are always holding a walnut in their paws! Maybe your mama would consider a pumpkin costume for you – I have one, and it’s puffy and very cozy and feels like you’re wearing a blankie!

    Barks & Wiggles,


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