Spa Day for the Schnoodle!

A certain little someone…..was in need of a little grooming last weekend.

"I don't want a bath Mama."

Mama took Stella to Fetch  (  to look at a product she had seen online….it’s a great store here in Portland with lots of toys, food, treats, collars…..everything your dog could want….and Stella does like to be able to go into stores for herself to see things.

Mama wanted to check out the Happy Tails Canine Dog Spa (  items and this is the only shop in town that carries them.    We’ve tried a sample size of their Bubbles ‘n  Beads shampoo ( ) and loved it!!  In particular, Mama was looking for the Shimmering Mist!!  The very nice woman behind the counter said she uses it on her dog and it makes her smell like a cupcake…..SOLD!

I caught the Schnoodle mid-nap upstairs in her room….and the grooming began….

"What's that Mama?"

You have to love something that adds "Bling and Brightness" and smells like cupcakes...

So you spray it on…..I gave her a good rub down and a brushing to work it into her hair….the Schnoodle does love a good rub down and brushing….

And look....she sparkles like a Cullen!!!

She's all smooth and tangle free....she sparkles...AND yes, smells like a cupcake.

Mama sparkled too...but I washed mine off....

Then we loaded Stella into the car and took her for a ride to one of her other favorite places in town…..

"The Dog Park? Are we going to the Dog Park?"

Nope Stella, Planet Dog where the very nice groomer cut Stella's nails. Not an easy feat when your squirmy dog has black hair and black nails. They do an excellent job here!!

She couldn't get back to the car fast enough....

...and went straight upstairs to her room for a nap.



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4 responses to “Spa Day for the Schnoodle!

  1. Pip

    Wow, I think I want some of that sparkle spray! I absolutely hate getting my nails trimmed and always make quite a stink about it!!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. sagechronicles

    Wow! That’s a lot of stuff to do. No wonder you needed a nap–I would too……

  3. Angela

    I want some bling in my hair – the only thing sparkling right now are the gray roots!

  4. It was an exhausting day for Stella…..she did not like having her nails done, but she was fine with the brushing… it involved tummy rubs!!!

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