The Schnoodle Turns Two!!!!!

And how was Stella’s Birthday??????  Oh…she got some tummy rubs in the a.m…..some kisses…..about 200 or so…..some presents….

Like a brandy new GI Bone!

Not quite sure what it's filled with...not something that freshens her breath I'm sure!

It replaces that last one....which she licked/gnawed/nibbled clean.

She got a "Busy Bone"...which kept her busy for about 15 minutes.

Her Auntie Angela got her these cute as can be cupcake liners and decorations that look like the Schnoodle!

She got a few biscuits!!!

She got a "Frosty Crack"...

And lots of snuggles and kisses from Mama and Papa!

Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!

Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes to the Schnoodle!!!!



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5 responses to “The Schnoodle Turns Two!!!!!

  1. I want a schnoodle cupcake…

  2. Angela

    She’s so adorable!

  3. sagechronicles

    Wow, what great gifts you got Stella! I think one of those GI Bones would be just the thing for me too…(Mom—I have a birthday coming. hint hint)

  4. What great pressies! I hope you had the best birthday ever!!!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Happy Birthday Stella! Many happy returns. I’m telling my mom about the G.I. Bone. That looks tasty!

    Those treats look yummy too!

    Isn’t it great to have mommies and daddies that love us so much?!!!

    Smell you later,


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