Driving Miss Daisy

This past Sunday was a beautiful day here in Maine!  We decided to go for a Sunday drive and of course Stella came along for the ride!

"Are we going to the Dog Park?"

As soon as Papa gets into the car...she's up in the front seat..climbing all over him like she hasn't seen him in years.

So of course the first stop was to gas up the car.  As you can see in this little clip….a certain little someone cannot stop wagging her tail when she looks at her Papa.  He was out of the car for all of 5 minutes….you would have thought…he was never coming back.

He gets back in the car....again she's all over him...while Mama aka "Chopped Liver" sits in the passenger seat.

"Now are we going to the Dog Park? Are we?"

We didn't go to the dog park....we drove up to Sunday River to see if we could get a peek at the zipline there. Stella peed in their grass.

"Can I have a little privacy?"

"Can I have a biscuit? I know you have some in your pocket Mama"

Papa stopped to look at a map...and Stella decided she wanted to see the view from the drivers seat.

She went for a little stroll in NH when we got out at one of the "Scenic Overlook" spots.

It was a wonderful day!  Stella missed out on a few naps, but she seemed to enjoy herself!

"Next Sunday can we go to a Dog Park? Can we?"



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2 responses to “Driving Miss Daisy

  1. sagechronicles

    I LOVE the dog park, but that looks like a really cool place to take a walk!

  2. That place looks like a great place for a walk. Lots of trees, lots of squirrels, interesting new scents. I love the dog park too, but that was fun. Love your video.

    Smell you later,


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