Stella’s Thanksgiving……

Mama’s gotten a little behind with the Schnoodle’s blog……here are a few photos from her Thanksgiving….

She started off the day with a little tummy rub....

She had a little romp at the dog park....

She gave the park quite a sniffing over...

She quickly grew bored of all the activity in the kitchen.

Mama gave her a chewy to keep her entertained.

And off she went under the dining room table.

Stella's little friend Hilda came for dinner.....

Stella was not a very good hostess and started a scuffle with Hilda.

"Sorry Mama."

And after everyone left...and a little piece of turkey...she took a little nap.



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7 responses to “Stella’s Thanksgiving……

  1. Hey, you had a guest? I’ve never had a doggy guest before. I wonder if I’d like it. I might get into trouble too. I’m great at the dog park, but lousy on the leash except with my friend Chewy and there are these two pekapoos I get along with and Marie, the little old lady who lives on the other street has a really old little doggins that I like. I like Marie too. Marie lives alone with her doggins and Mama and I walk by her house and wave at her when she’s inside. She was nice to Mama when we first moved in so Mama looks out for her. It’s good to be a good neighbor and I don’t mind patrolling Marie’s front lawn, even though she has a cat she feeds as well.

    I bet we’d get along Stella. I like turkey too. There’s no more at my house… just chicken jerky which is heavenly. I’ll do anything for chicken jerky, even go to my crate and stay!

    Smell you later,

    Your pal Opie

  2. Looks like she had quite the day! And who could pick a fight with Hilda, she is so cute!
    Ps, love the new theme!

  3. hey Stella! guess what? i’m Bailey, of the 4Bs, and i’m as schnoodle too! isn’t that great?! we love schnoodles at my house. i live with 3 standard poodles and i’m in charge of all of them. the human is in charge of us and i can never figure out who is in charge of that blasted bird. you are incredibly cute, just like me! hee hee! it’s cool to meet another schnoodle. you should meet Ernie too, he’s a schnoodle.


  4. Hey I like your theme too. I got a new one as well. Come by and see it. I like Stella’s Xmas greeting. I have one to, but no pix with mine. Mama hasn’t “fixed me up” yet. I rolled something again. Luckily, it was just a little bit. She made do with wipes. Michael wants to bath me. I hope she doesn’t give in to him. I don’t stink that much. At least I don’t think so.

    Come see me and sign my guest book.

    Merry Xmas,

    Your Pal

  5. Stella, you are beautiful!! We found you on the blog hop and love your post about Thanksgiving! Sounds like a great day!
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  6. sagechronicles

    That’s my favorite sleeping pose!! It gets tummy rubs all the time. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving even though you and Hilda had a little scuffle.

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