Paula Deen would love Stella….

Not just because Stella is Southern and Cute….but because they have something in common……

They LOVE Butter!

So tonight I was getting a jump on my holiday baking and putting together some batches of cookie dough.  One batch was in the fridge chilling…..the second batch was all measured out and I was just waiting on the butter to soften.

I walk into the living room and hear a sound from under the dining room table…aka…the “Naughty Spot”.  Yep, Stella was under there with something.  I turn on the light….get down on the floor….and what do I see as Stella makes a run for the kitchen?

This.....3/4 of a stick of butter.

It used to be a whole stick....and it WAS up on the counter with these other 2 sticks...softening up on the counter.

"I didn't do it Mama."


Pretty sure those are your toothmarks Stell.

"Sometimes I just can't help myself Mama."


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One response to “Paula Deen would love Stella….

  1. BOL, Miss Stella, my mom loves butter too! I haven’t eaten any because I am not big enough to reach on top of the counter, but I have licked a butter paper I found in the trash and it was most delishus! I’m sure your mama understands how hard it is to resist those kinds of noms!

    Barks and Wiggles,


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