Special Delivery for the Schnoodle!!!

So when Papa checked the mail today…he found this…..

A Package!!!!!

And who was it for???

Why it's for The Schnoodle of course.....

What could it be????

"Open it Mama...it's for me!"

Someone concerned for Stella's calcium intake??


It's biscuits!!!!!!!!

And not just ANY biscuits....they're homemade....

"My Southern Grammy made those! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

"Grammy would not make me do tricks...she would just give me the biscuit."

"Pretty sure Grammy wanted you to give them all to me tonight Mama."

Thank you Southern Grammy!   xoxoxoxo Stella

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!!!



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5 responses to “Special Delivery for the Schnoodle!!!

  1. sagechronicles

    You have a really great grammy for making you those pawsome cookies! Do you think she’ll make me some?

  2. Wow ! What a lucky Schnoodle ! I think that you are going to have to join the Joke Puppy on a diet to recover from the Holiday Season treatfest. I found you on the Blog Hop roll,,,it is great to meet you.

  3. Gus loves it when packages arrive in the mail for him…especially if there are treats inside! Love the last photo…close-ups of cute noses are awesome!

  4. Laura

    Hi –
    I just stumbled upon your website and I LOVE it – Stella looks IDENTICAL to my dog, Ramsis (who sadly disappeared 2 months ago). It made me cry seeing Stella – truly, it’s uncanny how similar they look. I also never knew what breed Ramsis was, but now I know 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Hi Laura!

    So sad your pup is missing! Hopefully he turns up!!

    slurpy smooches from Stella!

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