Snowy Schnoodle

So the Schnoodle lives in Maine……and we’ve had a bit of snow here lately………

There's alot of snow in her backyard.....

Fortunately for her....her Papa uses the snowblower to make a path in the backyard for her.....

So she doesn't have to trudge through the snow....

To get to her "pooping spot" back behind the garage....

"Hi Mama!"

She does love to stick her snoot in the snow and sniff around....

Her constantly wagging tail swishes snow all over her.

Cutest Schnoodle Ever!

Maybe I'm kinda biased.....

"No Mama...I AM the cutest Schnoodle ever!"



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4 responses to “Snowy Schnoodle

  1. littlemissjackie

    WowMiss Stella, what a lot of snows you have! Your daddy is so nice to make a path for you! I don’t much care where I poop, but my brother Dillon likes to follow his path to go to his spot, so we know how great that is! And you are a very pretty Schnoodle!

    Barks & Wiggles,


  2. Stella is a very lucky/spoiled girl!!!!!!!

  3. Wow Stella, that was a lot of snow and you are pretty cute!

    Your Pal,

  4. Hollie

    Our dog is a terrier/chihuahua mix and we live in Michigan, so small dog + lots of snow = daddy snowblowing him a circle “track” so that he can do his daily running around the backyard despite snowdrifts taller than him!

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