The Many Looks of Stella…..

I noticed from the other day’s blog…..that Little Miss Stella is getting a little shaggy… I got to thinking she might be due for a haircut soon…..

Schnoodle in January 2010

This was Stella in June....all short and velvety.....

This was her in September.....

After her last haircut in November......

And just the other day....someone is going to need a grooming soon.....

I think her cut in November is my favorite....she was all velvety, but her face was trimmed all fluffy and cute....

Her tail all fluffy and cute.....

Denielle of The Dog Wash, Etc did her last haircut…..if you’ve never been there you should go!  Great Self Service Dog Wash and fantastic grooming!!!!



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5 responses to “The Many Looks of Stella…..

  1. Hi Stella, we came over from Saturday PBH. You sure have many looks but we like the one of you in June, all short and velvety.

  2. Hopping by 🙂
    Haha your dog looks like she has mustache and beard

  3. sagechronicles

    Stella, you are beautiful any way you are trimmed and groomed! I bet a short cut is nice and cool in the summer!

  4. I think Stella looks good all the time! Say no to the groomer Stella! Dig in!

    Your Pal Opie!
    Mama says I need to go to. Help me!

  5. Stella is always beautiful!

    Nubbin wiggles,

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