Someone Needs A Grooming!!!!!

Yes, Miss Stella…….how quickly her hair grows……..

In November….just before Thanksgiving….this is how Stella looked….

So Velvety Soft and Adorable!!!!

By January…..she’s a little Shaggy….but still cute as can be!!!!

So Cute!

And now…at the end of February…….you can barely see her Adorable Face….

So so Shaggy!!!!

Stella needs your help!!!!  One of her favorite places to be groomed (she has a couple!) is giving away a FREE Grooming!  Yes, Free!

I posted a photo of our snowy faced Schnoodle on their facebook page and all you have to do Stella fans is go to their page…

Click the “Like” for their page and then click the “Like” under her cute little snowy face!!!!   The dog with the most votes wins……and Stella is very worried that if she doesn’t win….she’ll be subjected to a “Home Haircut” from Mama…….

Notice the bald spot from her last "Home Haircut" where Mama got a little too close with the clippers.....

Voting ends 3/1/11!!!!  Stella needs your help!!!!!!!

"Please vote...don't let me walk around looking all lopsided like this again...Mama should not be allowed around clippers!"



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8 responses to “Someone Needs A Grooming!!!!!

  1. Angela

    Hey there! Just a note – you have to “like” Paws Applause’s page before you can “like” Stella’s pic (probably everyone else knows this but it took me a while . . . )

  2. Stopping by on the blog hop! We’ve got a miniature schnauzer, so we know what the fast-growing hair is all about. Oscar’s getting pretty shaggy now too – we can’t really see his eyes anymore. I had thought about trying to groom him myself, but I’m too nervous to – and since he’s a crazy puppy, there’s probably not much of a chance he’d sit still for it. I can’t even brush him without him getting all squirmy!

  3. Stella is so cute and, yes, I agree — it’s definitely time for a haircut. I liked her pic. I’m hoping you win! I found you via the Saturday Blog Hop. Stop by and say hello!

    – Mayli the Labradane

  4. I pressed the like button and Opie has a FB page of his own. I’ll have him log in as well! 🙂

  5. Oh Gosh! Stella is gorgeous and the snow picture a real treat!

  6. I don’t have a FB, but I do think Stella is very cute!

  7. I love your blog! The design is just great. I’ve given you an award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

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