Schnoodle’s New “Do”–The Before ….

Saturday was a busy day for Miss Stella…….I woke her from her first nap of the day…..

"Um, hello....sleeping here Mama...."

Ready to get the day started Stella????

"Kinda sleepy Mama...."

Want to go to the indoor dog park at Happy Tails????

"Nap OVER! Let's go!!!"

Fun at the indoor dog park.....

Having sooo much fun…..she had no idea what was coming next for her…..

"Next? What's next Mama???"



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3 responses to “Schnoodle’s New “Do”–The Before ….

  1. Whats next? Poor schnoopledoo.
    Ps, ive always wondered what the inside of that place looks like. Is it nice?

  2. It is very nice in there! Super nice people….nice space…Stella has been there for the self serve dog wash and for grooms…She looks beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Stella! It’s pouring down rain in the NW, so we were taking an indoor walk thru wordpress & discovered your awesome blog! That indoor dog park looks like great fun–we could use one of those… And we love your ‘natural look’ hairdo— we sorta avoid clippers during winter months, too! Have you seen Spring, Stella? We’re looking everywhere for it…

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