Schnoodle’s New “Do”-The After….

Last we left our little Stella…..she was at the indoor dog park at Happy Tails…..

So happy....running around with the other kids...totally unsuspecting....

That this was her next stop….

The Dog Wash Etc!!!! (click on photo to view their site!!!)

So our beautiful girl went in looking like this…….

Shaggy, but adorable....

And two hours later….came home looking like this….

Cute as can be!!!

"I AM cute as can be Mama!!"

So velvety soft……so shiny….fluffy and good smelling…….

Unbearably Cute!!!!



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2 responses to “Schnoodle’s New “Do”-The After….

  1. Shes so cute! What a pretty girl.

  2. Cute, cute, cute!! I bet she’s proud of her new “do”.

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