About Stella’s Mama (And Papa)!

We live in Maine.  After the loss of our much loved, 13.5 year old black lab, Sadie, we have adopted a rescue dog from down South.  The internet wasn’t around and neither were digital cameras when I got Sadie as a pup, which is sad because I could have posted some very entertaining photos of her early years.  The destruction, the mayhem, the love and the awesomeness of having a dog.

Sooooooo….I thought I’d try to document our life with Miss Stella.  “Miss” because she is Southern Ya’ll.  I feel like I should speak like Paula Deen when I talk to her….”Stell-Uh, Stell-uh, now ya’ll come ova heauh right now. “, or like the characters in “Gone with the Wind”.  “Ah don’t know nuthin about raisin puppies.”

I can’t promise that I can keep up with it….but I’ll give this blogging thing a try!


21 responses to “About Stella’s Mama (And Papa)!

  1. Khara Emerson

    Hi there. I just came across this picture of your dog stella and realized my dog has a twin! until i saw stella’s body. my dog (barrack)is not as big and has a lil nub tail but their faces are identical! i sent a picture to my boyfriend and he thought it was our dog and asked where i took that picture haha. I can’t find anywhere to upload a picture to show you.

  2. Kim

    Hi – I’m the proud owner of a precious girl schnoodle also and LOVE your blog … Jersey (our baby) is silver but was all black when she was a puppy. Was Sadie super hyper when she was a puppy? My Jersey has a cropped tail but I see Sadie’s is long … is that something the breeders chose to do? I love my schnoodle and think she is the cutest sweetest doggie in the world. Would love to chat more!

    • luvflamingos

      Yay! Another Schnoodle Mom!!!! Would love to see a photo of Jersey!

      Stella does have the long tail….she was a rescue dog…so she never got the short tail! I LOVE her tail…and so does she because she’s always wagging it!!!

  3. lucaslicks

    Hi! I love Stella’s blog and you’ve inspired me to make my own. Here is Luca’s blog :


    Luca and I are a big fan of Stella !
    (p.s love the picture of Stella in the elf suit!)

  4. I live in NYC and am would like to adopt a Schnoodle. Would you know of any rescue places in the tri-state, new england area?

    • Stella's Mama

      We found Stella through Petfinder.com. I had been searching for a dog and ran across her photo.

      If you go to the Petfinder website…and type in Schnauzer in the search….it will show Schnauzer mixes in your area….I’ve seen Schnoodles that way…you can also search Poodle and it will show the mixed dogs available.

      Good luck! We love our Stella!!!!!!!

  5. MIss Stella is beautiful!!!

  6. Kim

    Hi guys,
    We were playing around searching through google pictures (looking for dogs that look like ours)…lol
    We spotted Stella who is IDENTICAL to one of our dogs Eva.
    They look exactly the same inc. the little white tuft.
    We also rescued Eva from the dogs home here (she was found with 6 new born pups out on the streets, so we took her and one of the pups called Grace)
    I’ll have to send you some pics.. its uncanny how much they look alike…lol

    Talks soon
    Kim, Shabs, Eva & Grace – Fuerteventura

  7. Kim

    We have taken a few photo’s of Eva (& her pup Grace), have you an email address I can send them to?

    Kim & Shabs (….& Eva & Grace) x

  8. We adopted our dog Bentley last week, six months after loosing our dog Sadie. Sadie was a Golden Retriever, 12 years old. I had to comment, when I saw your last dog was Sadie too.

  9. Amy

    Hi, Stella is a beautiful dog, and we too have an exact look-a-like as well. His name is patches-for the white spot on his chest and one under his chin…We have had him for ten years after rescuing him. Today is the first that I have heard of the schnoodle breed-we met someone on a walk that has a schnoodle as well. We were looking up information about the breed and came across pictures of stella. It’s uncanny the resemblance!

  10. Amy-Send a photo of Patches! Stella has another twin….


    She and Ava are twins…from another mother! Eva! Another dog from another mother in another country, but she and Stella look exactly alike!!!!!

  11. Stella is so cute. Opie is a Schnauzer Yorkie mix. Stella and Opie could be cousins. We got Opie from a rescue foundation as well. My very first dog was a little black poodle — Zsa-Zsa ( and yes she had all the attitude) I can see my poodle in Stella as well. Have fun blogging. I’m new to it as well. It’s fun!

  12. Hello! I saw your blog title just below mine (The Teacher’s Pets) this morning and of course I was intrigued when I saw the word “schnoodle” and so here I am. I am your newest email subscriber and RSS feed subscriber and I hope you will visit me soon and follow!
    Another huge bonus of meeting you is that we could very well meet in person because I live just below you in Manchester, NH! Wouldn’t it be fun to have our coonhound, Daisy, meet you and your dog? Daisy comes from the south too and I wish she had a Paula Deen accent when she barks b/c it would be a lot more melodious to all who hear her “talk”. Did you know that you have a Great Dane blogger named Tucker who lives in Maine as well? If you go to my blog you can see a picture of him and maybe you are neighbors as well. His blog is http://greatdanetucker.blogspot.com and if you meet him please tell him we want to meet in person sometime!

  13. How y’all doin’? My Humans wanted a snoodle but ended up with another Chessie. I live in the South and would be happy to coach you in the proper southern way to communicate with Stella. Y’all jes come on down anytime!
    Luv, Hawk
    P.S. I might be able to convince her swimmin ain’t so bad.
    P.P.S. I’m also @ http://browndogcbr.livejournal.com/

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