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She’s a Happy Camper!!!!

So Miss Stella… has been mentioned before….is a high energy pup….

She used to go to the dog park alot….then Mama and Papa started working longer hours….and she had a few run ins with some aggressive dogs at the parks….that led her to some bad behaviors…..and suddenly Stella wasn’t socializing as much as she should.  We recently decided to try doggie day care to burn off a little of her energy…and re-socialize her with other 4 legged kids…

She flunked the interview at her first doggie  day care….which is nothing against the facility….and certainly nothing against the maybe inappropriate behavior on Stella’s part…..

We took her to a second interview and she passed!  Yes, she passed….and as of last Wednesday…she is a welcome camper at Camp Bow Wow – Portland!

Happy Camper!!!

She Had Fun!

She got her first Report Card!

So proud of her!!!!

She had a great day!

Can’t say enough about the super nice people at Camp Bow Wow – Portland!!!  Very knowledgeable about “issues” a Schnoodle might have….so friendly, and the facility is SPOTLESS!!!!  Feel very good about taking our girl here 1 day a week.

They even have webcams… you can check in to see what your little Camper is doing during the day!!!!

How cool is that????????

Stella doesn’t know it yet….although I’ve been telling her for days…..she’ll be back at Camp tomorrow……

Hopefully she can behave herself and play nicely with the other Campers!

Thank you Camp Bow Wow – Portland!!!!



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Hello Internet….It’s Been Awhile!!!

Yes, I have been a slacker….not that Stella hasn’t been up to anything….Mama’s just been lazy!!!!

Today is Easter….and look what the Bunny brought Stella!!!!!  (Actually it came in a box from her Northern Grammy and Grampy).

Yay! Rabbit Ears!!!

So you know what that means……

"What Mama? What does that mean??"

"I don't want to do this Mama."

It's the Beautiful Easter Schnoodle!!

"I DO look beautiful Mama!"

"Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!"

And then she tore the ears off and the photo shoot was over....


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Schnoodle’s New “Do”–The Before ….

Saturday was a busy day for Miss Stella…….I woke her from her first nap of the day…..

"Um, hello....sleeping here Mama...."

Ready to get the day started Stella????

"Kinda sleepy Mama...."

Want to go to the indoor dog park at Happy Tails????

"Nap OVER! Let's go!!!"

Fun at the indoor dog park.....

Having sooo much fun…..she had no idea what was coming next for her…..

"Next? What's next Mama???"


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