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The Schnoodle Turns Two!!!!!

And how was Stella’s Birthday??????  Oh…she got some tummy rubs in the a.m…..some kisses…..about 200 or so…..some presents….

Like a brandy new GI Bone!

Not quite sure what it's filled with...not something that freshens her breath I'm sure!

It replaces that last one....which she licked/gnawed/nibbled clean.

She got a "Busy Bone"...which kept her busy for about 15 minutes.

Her Auntie Angela got her these cute as can be cupcake liners and decorations that look like the Schnoodle!

She got a few biscuits!!!

She got a "Frosty Crack"...

And lots of snuggles and kisses from Mama and Papa!

Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!

Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes to the Schnoodle!!!!



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Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!

Not only is today Stella’s Birthday, but it also looks like with a little luck….she could reach a record of 20,000 hits to her little blog!!!!  TWENTY THOUSAND hits!!! It was only at the end of January that she had reached 9,008 hits……


Sadly, the clip of Sally Field’s 1985 Oscar Acceptance speech is hard to find…..here is a link to the short version…


Back to the Birthday Schnoodle……..

As you saw in yesterday’s blog….Stella has some pretty high hopes for today.    More on the festivities later…..

For now enjoy a cute little video of the Birthday Girl taken yesterday……as said before….she will do practically anything for one of the biscuits made by her Southern Grandmother….and here’s the proof…

Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!!!!!

Thank You to everyone who reads Stella’s little Blog!!!!

Big slurpy, sloppy kisses from the Birthday Schnoodle!!!


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Let the Countdown Begin……

Who's a Pretty Schnoodle?

Actually there are two countdowns going on for the Schnoodle…..the first one is….in about 15 hours her Southern Grandparents will be here for a visit!  Stella is beside herself!

The second countdown….is TWO WEEKS AND ONE DAY from today….is a certain little someone’s birthday!  She’ll be two!!!   Hopefully she is over the drama of feeling like last year’s birthday wasn’t a big enough celebration….


You’ll just have to wait and see what happens this year Stella!!!

"I can't wait! Will we have a big party? With a clown, bouncy house, pony rides, petting zoo, karaoke, cake and presents?? Will we Mama?"


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