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Stella, Stella, Stella…….

It almost looks like Stella's flamingo is leaping for joy....or dancing....

And then you look at his foot and realize...

Stella? Did you hurt the flamingo? ~ "No, Mama..I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, THAT flamingo. Um. Oh."

Poor little flamingo…..its’ been hobbled by a Schnoodle.



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Run Stella Run!!!!!!

So Little Miss Stella is a little over a year and 1/2 old.   Still a puppy….not quite an adult.  She’s got tons of puppy energy and the other day she was outdone by a smaller,  younger dog.  A Miniature Pincher that took quite a liking to Stella.  Really…how could he NOT..look at her…she’s adorable!!


Stella was alllll ready to play at the park.


Stella took a little look around...to see who else was there...


She took no interest in this pup....


And then along came this little guy.


He chased her....


She tried to get a fanny scratch and a little break....


And he interrupted that.


She tried to hide under the bench....he followed her.


Then he got all bossy...and Stella was done with him.


I don’t believe they exchanged phone numbers…..or became Facebook friends.


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Stella’s Twelve Days of Destruction…..

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..a whole bunch of toys…that were destroyed within a week….some within days.

Toys that ended up going to Toy Heaven were:

The Pretty Pink Princess Toy...lasted about a week.

The Flamingo made it about a day and 1/2.

This toy...is still intact for the most part....

It all starts out the same way…….

First you spy a little bit of stuffing on the living room rug....

First you find a little pile of stuffing in the living room....

The trail of stuffing leads you to under the dining room table...aka "The Naughty Spot"

...and there you find a squeaker....

...and more stuffing....

....and a cute little Schnoodle....ripping apart a toy...

Once she nibbles a hole in the toy....it's a matter of minutes..

..until it's completely destroyed...and that toy goes to the "Great Trashcan in the Kitchen" for a proper burial.

..before all of the stuffing is gone...and that toy has to go to the "Great Trashcan in the Kitchen" for a proper burial.

"I know new toys don't grow on trees Mama....but I can't help myself."

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