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Hello Out There!!!!!!

Yes, it’s been a long, long time….even though I haven’t been posting…Stella’s blog has still been busy!!  Back on January 5th….her blog had 113 visitors!  WOW!  113!  AND I’ve been getting notes from other Schnoodle Mama’s out there….soooooooo I thought I would dust off the blog….and start with a little something I call “Guest Schnoodle”!!!

Our first Guest Schnoodle comes to us from Texas……a warm round of applause for…..



Look at that face!!!!!!!  The little patch of white on his chest……he looks just like our Stella!!!

Bingley’s Mama says, “Bingley is 7 months old and is a Texas puppy through and through.  A friend of mine had a miniature schnauzer and a toy poodle….that *accidentally* had a litter, and I got Bingley as a result!  The accidental breeder had his pets fixed after Bingley’s litter, which is great for overpopulation but a little sad, because Bingley is so awesome but no one can ever have another shot at him!”

Bingley’s favorite toy?  “As far as his favorite toy goes, he’s rather spoiled for choices, but his very first nylabone is his favorite. He’s chewed it to absolute bits, but always heads back over to grab it out of the toy basket when I put it away. He also LOVES his rope tugs, especially the one that’s practically bigger than he is! ”

Bingley naps upside down just like Stella……

So cute!!!

AND…..he likes to wear costumes just like Stella!!!!!

Cutest Pirate Ever!!!!!

And there you have it……another ridonkulouly cute Schnoodle!!!  Thank you Bingley’s Mama for letting me post his photos!!



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