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Stella, Stella, Stella…….

It almost looks like Stella's flamingo is leaping for joy....or dancing....

And then you look at his foot and realize...

Stella? Did you hurt the flamingo? ~ "No, Mama..I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, THAT flamingo. Um. Oh."

Poor little flamingo…..its’ been hobbled by a Schnoodle.



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Where’s Your Flamingo Stella?

When we came back from vacation, we had a few things in our luggage for the Schnoodle. This beauty was sent back with us by her Southern Grandparents…


Why does it look so scared???

One minute it's in Stella's little toy basket.....

And two seconds later the Schnoodle is on it!!!!!

"I loves it Mama! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!"

For now...the little flamingo still has all of it's feet, legs, wings, arms and eyes. Good Luck Little Flamingo!

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Like This!


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A Lovely Day in the Garden…..

It was a beautiful but windy day here in Maine yesterday.  I decided to work in the garden….it’s coming along…..


Beautiful lilies….


Lovely Hyacinth….


Our honeysuckle.....


A flamingo....


And the rarest flower of all.....a Stella Daisy....


Every garden should have one....


"Why Me?"


"Can we go inside now and have that biscuit you promised me Mama?"




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