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Stella’s First Trip to the Beach!

Yes, we finally took Stella to the beach.  Contrary to popular belief….she is NOT a Portuguese Water Dog….or a Labradoodle.  Our Sadie loved, loved, loved swimming….Stella….will leap over a puddle in order not to get her feet wet.  She doesn’t even like to walk through the morning dew in the grass to go do her morning doo.   So for the heck of it yesterday we were by the water and took her down to see what she thought.

Beautiful Day in Maine....

Running alongside her Papa.

She wasn't too crazy about walking on the rocks...

She did seem to like the smells of everything.

Happily going where ever her Papa goes...

Until her feet got wet...then she slammed on the Schnoodle brakes.

Papa tried to get her into the edge of the water....

Stella was not going to let a wave touch her toes...

"No way Papa....get me outta here."

And the Schnoodle made it clear...she'd had enough.

Papa gave her a treat....

And Stella was ready to get the heck outta there.

And that was the end of Stella's first and maybe last day at the beach.



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This weekend was another weekend of “What kind of dog is that?” questions.  We get it wherever we go with Stella.  When she attended the Dog Days of August she was called a Labradoodle, A Portie…she’s A Schnoodle.

"That's Right Mama....I'm a Schnoodle!"

Yesterday we walked around the Blvd with her Auntie Stacey and “Itty Bitty”.     We had not even gotten to the walkway when I was asked by a couple who were also dogwalking, “What kind of dog is that?”  I said, “She’s a Schnoodle!”  The  man gave me a “look” and said, “Oh, one of those designer dogs”.   Auntie Stacey (always thinking…) chimed in, “She’s a RESCUE DOG!” and thennnn it all changed.   It seemed like all of a sudden instead of being someone who plunked down thousands of dollars for a premeditated mix mutt…I was now a Rescue Mom.  I get this alot.

All of a sudden they were all chatty and talking about their dog who was a rescue dog.  How they had had a DNA test done and it turned out there dog was a mix of a variety of dogs.  I’ve never wanted to get Stella tested….Petfinder had her listed as a “Schnauzer/Bouvier” mix….I’m happy with our Vet’s determination of “Schnoodle”.

I think it's the white patch on her chest that makes people think she's a Portuguese Water Dog.

When she's all shaggy...they think she's a Labradoodle.

"I'm a Schnoodle Dammit!"

All we know is….she’s an adorable little dog from Louisiana that we adopted and love like crazy!!!!  And she’s a Schnoodle!!!!

"That's Right Mama!"


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I’m a Schnoodle Dammit!!!!!

"You heard me....I'm a Schnoodle Dammit!"

Sigh.  It happened again today…..yesterday…and the day before.   I bring little Stella to the dog park….and amid the gushing of compliments on how cute/sweet/beautiful she is…I get the question…THE question….”Is that a Portuguese Water Dog?”  Variations are, “Is that a Water Dog?”, “Isn’t that a Portu..”.  No, no, no she’s not.  She’s a Schnoodle.


It was about 2 weeks ago that we saw a dog who looked alot like Stella…right as we came into the park.  It was “thicker” than Stella and not nearly as beautiful, but it was cute.  The Mama was standing right there and said, “Oh, another Portuguese Water Dog!”  I said, “Uh, no…she’s a Schnoodle.”  That was one confused Dog Mama…she doesn’t even know what her dog is???

I tried to get photos of the Non-Schnoodle, but sometimes I feel funny taking photos of other people’s dogs at the park.  Here is as good as it got that day….

Taller than Stella....thicker.....not nearly as adorable....

Stella on the left...Stella Wanna Be on the right.

Stella in the front.....Non-Schnoodle in the back.

I wanted to take some more photos of the Non-Schnoodle, but when it’s winter in Maine…and you take your dog to the park….this is how you have to dress….

Dog Park Chic....or Crazy Dog Park Stalker?

I didn’t want to make the Dog Mama nervous by following her dog around the park taking pictures of it while dressed like this.

It was the first Portu-blah, blah whatever dog I had seen that did not have the kinky, curly, wiry coat, but had a smoother one like Stella.  Not as luxurious and shiny as Stella’s of course.   That poor dog….it’s Mama doesn’t know it’s a Schnoodle.

"I DO have a shiny, beautiful coat don't I Mama?"

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