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Goodbye Duckie……

Sad news in the house…..Duckie is gone.

This is Duckie. Papa brought her home from vacation with us this year.

It's been awhile since I walked into the living room and saw a site like this.

Some stuffing...a little plastic....part of a squeaker...or in this case a Quacker.

Follow the trail of parts and stuffing....to the naughty spot...where Duckie met his end.

Caught in the act.....

Poor Duckie. Moment of silence please.

"I didn't mean it.....can I have another duckie Mama?"



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Stella, Stella, Stella…….

It almost looks like Stella's flamingo is leaping for joy....or dancing....

And then you look at his foot and realize...

Stella? Did you hurt the flamingo? ~ "No, Mama..I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, THAT flamingo. Um. Oh."

Poor little flamingo…..its’ been hobbled by a Schnoodle.


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Ding Dong the Bird is Dead……

We had a Wizard of Oz moment in the house this a.m……as I was strolling through the living room….I see this…..


What The???


and immediately think of this:


Did our loveseat crush a Wicked Witch while we slept??


No, SOMEONE just pulled the leg off of a toy.....


It was determined the leg belonged to this bird..given to her by her Southern Grandparents.

From out of nowhere the other day she went on a Schnoodle Rampage and shredded the poor bird.  Mama must have missed this leg when disposing of the pieces.

"I didn't do it Mama."

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