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New Do!

Someone…..was looking a little shaggy last week.


Yes, Shaggy Stella.


"Whatever Mama."


Because Mama is thrifty (aka “Cheap”) she decided to give Stella another home haircut.




Up onto the picnic table Stella went and out came the clippers.


Schnoodle hair everywhere.


40 min later and the squirmy Schnoodle was still THIS hairy...arrgghhhh!


Mama threw in the clippers and took Stella to the Groomer’s.  Somethings are better done by professionals…..grooming a squirmy dog is one of them.  The super nice people at Paws Applause took her right in…..and a couple of hours later……


This is how she looked before her groom…..




And after......


Sooooooo cute! And just in time for the hot weather!!!!




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Spring has Sprung!!!!!!!

Finally….finally….spring came to Maine!  It was a great day to be outside!!!  And the Schnoodle wanted to BE outside….

Who can say No to this face? Not Mama!!!!

While Mama de-pooped the backyard....Stella played with one of her favorite balls.

"Thanks for picking up my poops Mama!!!"

So happy playing with the ball......until.....

It rolled under the fence and into the neighbor's yard...

"Where did it go?"

"I really want the ball back...."

"Hello Neighbor? Can I have my ball back??? Hello? Crap."

"Will you buy me a new one Mama?????"

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Stella’s New Obsession……

A couple of weeks ago…at the dog park…Stella heard the wonderful “squeak, squeak” of a toy.  She tracked it down…and stole the toy from it’s furry little owner.  It took Mama about 20 min. to get the toy back from Stella…it was love at first site for her.  Thursday we took a little trip to Petco.

Stella loves it there…not only does she get to go into the store, but she gets to sniff all the toys…see other dogs…and the nice people at the register always give her a treat!!!  It was here that we found the exact toy she fell in love with at the park that day…

Meet the BadCuz!!!!

She LOVES it!!!!!  It squeaks, it bounces, it rolls….all very important things to Stella in a toy.  She played with it for about 2 hours when she got home that day.   She throws it around the house…chases it…trots around the house with it.    She can entertain herself for hours with her new toy.  Fortunately for our nerves….she did manage to break the squeaker on day three….whew.

I do highly recommend this toy!!!!  It’s sturdy and lots of fun for active pups!!!

On a sad note….the camera is still down and out…..so no new photos of Stella with her new toy.

Awwww....the cuteness of Stella!!!

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