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Run Stella! Run!!!!!!

Stella is one fast Schnoodle.  She LOVES to run…..she LOVES to be chased by other dogs at the dog park!!!  It’s one of her most favoritest things to do….

So the last two times we went to the park I tried to get a little video of her ……..

This is her playing Fetch with  Mama…..she actually brought the ball back to me this time….

She runs around the park….and then races back to her “safe spot” underneath the benches…..sometimes she needs a little encouragement to go play with the other kids…..

She is at her happiest….when there is at least one dog chasing her.  She is so fast she can outrun most of the dogs in the park.  She’ll run crazy circles all over the park….then she’ll race under the benches…..sneak out behind the backs of the benches and then take off again…..

She cracks everyone up at the park…..they all love to watch her run.  A dog Mama yesterday remarked to her husband when she saw Stella take off….”Look…there she is….Stella….the dog I told you about the other day!”

There was only one dog in the park that was faster than our Stella that day…..a greyhound!  It just blew right by our Stella without even trying…..

Keep in mind….that on this particular day….Stella had already gone for a 3 1/2 mile walk with Mama just prior to being taken to the park.    She was one busy Schnoodle pup that day.


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Who Can Resist Her?

You cannot resist the cuteness!

You cannot resist the cuteness!

We are still amazed at how well Stella is doing!  She’s had no accidents in the house….aside from a couple of whines or yips she sleeps nicely in her crate.  She finally started eating regularly and if there is a god, solid food will put and end to the puppy runs!

Rob’s been working on her training and is quite convinced he could give Caesar Milan a run for his money.

Working on "Sit"

Working on "Sit"


Good Sit Stella!
Good Sit Stella!

Did I mention that she’s very “active”?   Like 4 shots of espresso active??  Well she is!   Quite a change from our little Couch Potato Sadie, who would blissfully nap the day away on her bed or her favorite chair.

Stella could almost qualify to be labeled “hyperactive”!   She loves to go for walks and is getting quite good at walking to the left of me.  She only occasional tries to dart in front of me.  Her walking manners are very important!   I walk the Blvd alot and it will be much easier if she is not wrapping the leash around my ankles and tripping me.
When we bought our house we loved the enclosed front porch and Rob envisioned himself sitting out there on a Sunday a.m….sipping his coffee and reading his paper while Sadie napped quietly at his feet.
Now it has become Stella’s indoor running track.
She loves to run back and forth on the porch chasing the “babies” that you throw for her.  She’s not so good at the bringing them back to you part.  She generally runs right by you and into the house.  Then she’ll race through the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway….and back out to the front door.
Did I mention she has quite a bit of puppy energy?
Then…..she generally collapses on the bed we keep in the hallway for a little rest before she starts it all over again!   It’s not easy being 8 months old and so unbearably cute!


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