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Santa’s Been Watching You Stella……

“He knows if you’ve been bad or good…so be good for goodness sake!”  Apparently, Stella thought thinks that doesn’t apply to her.   Mama took her to see Santa this past weekend.

The Planet Dog Foundation (http://www.planetdogfoundation.org/)  did their annual “Sit With Santa” at the Planet Dog store (http://www.planetdog.com/home/).   As always with events put on by PDF….it was well organized and lots of fun!  You would think that a store full of dogs would be chaos, but it wasn’t!

They took a little photo of Stella and a number so that her photo could be easily found later.

After Mama squeezed on her Elf hat....they loaded her onto Santa's lap...

And with a little encouragement from a squeaky toy and lots of "What a pretty girl!"'s they started snapping away.

When Santa asked her if she'd been a good girl...Stella could not look him in the eye.

"What stick of butter? I don't know what you're talking about Santa."

"Yum. Butter."

Ho! Ho! Ho! I know a Schnoodle who's getting lots of coal!

"I should have listened to Mama. He DOES know if you've been bad or good."

Naughty, but super cute!!! That counts for something.


Maybe Santa will forget about the Naughtiness this year Stell and bring you a present anyway.

When the photo shoot was over, they printed off a copy of the best one to send home with you and posted the rest on flickr


(Stella’s are in Group #2, page 2.)

And Santa…..what a great Santa!!!!  He was so patient and nice….he had a lap full of dogs, kids….and he was always smiling!  I hear they raised $800 for the foundation!

We’ll see if Santa takes Stella’s cuteness and good behavior at the photo shoot into consideration.  I’m pretty sure he DID see her put her feet up on the counter and try to lick a donut in the store that day…..



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Santa Was Good to Stella the Schnoodle…..

I’m sure everyone was laying around Christmas Day after opening all their presents….bloated from Christmas dinner wondering, “Gosh, I wonder if Stella wound up on Santa’s Nice list or the Naughty list?”  Some of you may have laid awake all night wondering.

Santa was verrryyyy good to a certain Naughty little Schnoodle.

Here was her first gift:

Cute Right? Princess...how sweet....

Less than a week later...this is what was left...

And then she got this......

And this....

This took about a day and a half...

And this one...has lost a considerable amount of stuffing...and it's eyes.

Had I known that Santa’s guidelines for “Nice” were so lenient…I would have had a wilder childhood!!!

"I think Santa just thinks I'm super cute Mama."

More on the Schnoodle’s Twelve Days of Destruction later……

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