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Special Delivery for the Schnoodle!!!

So when Papa checked the mail today…he found this…..

A Package!!!!!

And who was it for???

Why it's for The Schnoodle of course.....

What could it be????

"Open it Mama...it's for me!"

Someone concerned for Stella's calcium intake??


It's biscuits!!!!!!!!

And not just ANY biscuits....they're homemade....

"My Southern Grammy made those! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

"Grammy would not make me do tricks...she would just give me the biscuit."

"Pretty sure Grammy wanted you to give them all to me tonight Mama."

Thank you Southern Grammy!   xoxoxoxo Stella

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!!!



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Stella is one spoiled rotten Schnoodle….

Stella’s Southern Grammy was thinking of her while we were on vacation…..one of the gifts she sent us back with for Stella was homemade dog biscuits.  Yes, she made biscuits for McCrazy. ….she LOVES them!

This simple little biscuit...will send that dog into a frenzy.....

"Is that for me? Can I have it? Can I have it?"

She will do anything for one of these….every trick she knows…..she’s not ashamed to beg….

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The Schnoodle Loves Snow!!!!!

Who knew?  For a Southern Belle….she’s awfully fond of the snow….maybe because she doesn’t have to drive in it….or get to the grocery store before all of the mobs of people clear the shelves of water, bread, milk, batteries, toilet paper and milkbones.

Her favorite dog park looks alot different on a snowy day...

Her tennis ball is more like a snow ball.....

"I do love the snow Ya'll!"


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