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The Schnoodle Turns Two!!!!!

And how was Stella’s Birthday??????  Oh…she got some tummy rubs in the a.m…..some kisses…..about 200 or so…..some presents….

Like a brandy new GI Bone!

Not quite sure what it's filled with...not something that freshens her breath I'm sure!

It replaces that last one....which she licked/gnawed/nibbled clean.

She got a "Busy Bone"...which kept her busy for about 15 minutes.

Her Auntie Angela got her these cute as can be cupcake liners and decorations that look like the Schnoodle!

She got a few biscuits!!!

She got a "Frosty Crack"...

And lots of snuggles and kisses from Mama and Papa!

Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!

Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes to the Schnoodle!!!!



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What happens at Grandpa’s House……

Stella is very lucky that our families are “dog people”.   We took her on a little car trip to go see one of her Grandpa’s on Father’s Day…..this is how it went…..


"We're going for a ride? I love rides!"


"Are we there yet?"


"Why won't Grandpa let me lick his whole face??"


"Why am I standing on the back of the sofa? Because Grammie Jo said I could."


"Rub my ears please."


"Had I only been a little quieter about it...this piece of turkey kielbasa would have been mine. I stole it off the counter....Mama took it away."


Other than the “kielbasa incident” it was a good day.  Great food….lots of laughter and Stella was fairly well behaved.


"When are we going back there? They let me do whatever I want!"


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Bossy Little Schnoodle!

"I won! I won! I'm a SuperStar!!!"

Now that she’s the February Dog of the Month on Spoiled Canine Boutique’s website   http://spoiledcanineblog.com/2010/02/02/february-2010-dog-of-the-month-winner.aspx….a certain little someone has turned into quite the Diva….

This a.m. after her breakfast….she got all up in my face and said, “Mama, today…..you WILL:

Take me to the dog park at noon as I have a play date with my fans

After the park you’ll take me to Planet Dog and let me look around to see if there are any toys I want you to buy me

Then…you’ll bring me home so I can take a nap….I would like a tummy rub BEFORE and AFTER my nap

I would like some of those little liver treats as an afternoon snack

You will let me watch whatever I want on TV

I will pick out a random bouncy type toy and you will throw it for me 300 times or until I’m tired of playing with you

You will give me more tummy rubs, some ear rubs and 500 kisses

You and Papa will tell me over and over how beautiful, smart, cute, adorable I am….I never tire of it

By the way…..I would like my kibbles at exactly 5pm….you’ve been slacking in this department lately Mama…don’t think I haven’t noticed

"Don't think I won't fire you as my Manager Mama. I'll do it."

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