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Happy Halloween Everyone from Stella and Friends!!!

Happy HulaWeen!!!!!

So cute!!!!



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Sadie…OWNED Halloween……

How I would have loved to have been able to keep a blog of our Sadie girl.   Where Stella is a complete and total goofball….Sadie….was calm and dignified.  Maybe that’s what made me love to dress her up for Halloween?  Her classic face was perfect staring out at you from a silly costume?  Papa says it’s because I have “issues”.

So with Halloween quickly approaching….and Mama having no idea what to do for Stella yet……I give you Sadie… all of her  Halloween Glory….

It started out with little headpieces.....

And then Mama got all FANCY and started with Costumes.....

My all time favorite photo.......

And this was her last Halloween photo....

BEST dog ever!  No offense Stella!   Clearly, we love you insanely.  Papa thinks Sadie sent Stella to us as payback for me having dressed her up in ridiculous costumes for all those years.

Stayed tuned for Stella’s Halloween photos!!!


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Goodbye Duckie……

Sad news in the house…..Duckie is gone.

This is Duckie. Papa brought her home from vacation with us this year.

It's been awhile since I walked into the living room and saw a site like this.

Some stuffing...a little plastic....part of a squeaker...or in this case a Quacker.

Follow the trail of parts and the naughty spot...where Duckie met his end.

Caught in the act.....

Poor Duckie. Moment of silence please.

"I didn't mean it.....can I have another duckie Mama?"


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